The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Annual Report and Review 2016

We have contributed more than SEK 2 billion to research since 1982

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224 ongoing research projects are co-financed by the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

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Increased fundraising yields results
– but unfortunately this isn’t enough.

Per Leander, Secretary-General of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, comments on the 2016 financial year and looks to the future towards upcoming initiatives.

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Collaboration that benefits both parties
– and saves lives

In 2016, the Drive for Life collaborative campaign was conducted together with BMW. Everyone has benefitted from this joint initiative, which raised nearly SEK 4 million for the fight against childhood cancer.

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Funding clinical research

During the year, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation focused specifically on clinical research aimed at improving existing treatment methods and developing new drugs.

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Administration report and financial statements

An eventful and exciting year has come to an end. You can read the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s complete annual report and financial statements here.



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